ProfilPASS - find out your strengths and capabilities

Was studiere ich   - interest and aptitude tests with detailed information on programmes. The access code generated can also be brought along to the Student Counselling Office.

Studieninteressentest SIT - study interests test run by HRK and ZEIT online; generates a list of potentially matching programmes

Borakel - three tests, one of which is a general career selection test

Self-Assessment der RWTH Aachen - General orientation tests in the areas of business and Technology

Online Self Assessment (OSA) run by the THI Faculty of Mechanical Engineering For those interested in our mechanical engineering bachelor's programmes

thinkING                                             Details of various job profiles in the field of engineering from the point of view of students, employees and employers.
Berufe LexikonExplanations of various job profiles
BerufenetDatabase of professions provided by the Federal Employment Agency

⇒ Search job profile on job websites and see if the vacancies offer what you are looking for!

THI study programmes

Overview of study programmes at THI 

Dual studies in Bavaria

Dual studies at THI

Dual studies
Bachelor´s and master´s programmes in BayernDatabase of studies in Bavaria




Database of studies in Germany as a whole
Hochschulkompass flyer

Study interest test flyer

StudyPortalsDatabase for international programme search

Very detailed Information on the following:
- Search for bachelor´s and master´s programmes, dual studies, distance learning and work-study programmes etc.
- Study profiles
- Lists of universities

Useful for those interesting in taking a master´s programme:
Specific search for master's programmes based on entry of bachelor's programmes

Bachelor's and master's programmes in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Helpful for those changing universities:

Search option showing which universities offer a particular programmes

CHE-RankingComparison of programmes at various universities

⇒ Be sure to take a careful look at the curriculums and module guides of the various programmes so as to gain an impression of content, admission requirements and study structure!



Recommended: Submit your BAföG application to the relevant BAFöG office as early as possible due to the lengthy processing time required. Allow for bridging finance to tide you over until you receive grant payments!

Consultation is provided by the relevant BAföG office only, not by the university.

Tip for THI students: Make use of the BAföG consultation session held by the BAFöG office at THI once a month.

The date and room is published through SCS on Moodle

Scholarships... are not only available to grade A candidates.
BayBIDS - Scholarships for study in Bavaria... the Bavarian support initiative for German schools abroad and partner-schools abroad
Scholarships for international students...are available through the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), for example
DeutschlandstipendiumInternal University scholarship
KfW-student loanKfW student loan programme
Educational loanThe Federal Government´s educational loan programme
Search for part-time job

List of popular Job websites

Look at ads in local newspapers, search the internet for jobs, ask fellow students, contact or write to potential employers directly, read notices at THI (C Building) ...

Student residence halls

Overview of halls of residence with contact details

AccomodationThe General Information Sheet issued by the Service Center Student Affairs lists further details of halls of residences under "Accoomodation"
Ingolstadt housing marketClassified ads section in the local newspaper
Flat-share searchSearch for flat-share rooms and small apartments
Find friends... among our students groups
University sports... and keep physically fit
University church communityProgrammes offered by the Catholic university church community
Room of Silence 
Prayer as well as rest and Relaxation for everyone

Contact person and support

Coordinator for several disabled students at THIProf. Dr. Markus Goldbrunner E-Mail
Students with disabilitiesInformation provided by Deutsches Studentenwerk
Halls of residenceHalls of residence run by the Erlangen-Nuremberg Studentenwerk
Germany ScholarshipService Center Student Affairs - Financial Assistance Department E-Mail
Mobility abroad for disabled individualsERASMUS grants
Compensation for disadvantages in examinations at THI
Service Center Student Affairs  - Examination Office E-Mail
Psychological counselling at THISupplementary counselling provided by the Student Counselling Office E-Mail

Contact persons and support

Family-friendly university

Support provided by the Equal Opportunities Coordinator at THI

Women´s RepresentativeSupport provided by the Women´s Representative at THI Prof. Dr. Cornelia Zehbold
Psychological counselling at THISupplementary services provided by Student Counselling Office

For information on study objectives, standard periods of study, admission and qualification requirements, advancement requirements, general work placement if required, practical semester, academic degree etc. for each program, please refer to the program and examination regulations of the program concerned.

You will find the module and subject summaries (module or subject title, SWS, ECTS, type of test, grade weighting, possible areas of specialisation etc.) for each program in the appendix to the program and examination regulations for the program concerned.

You can view these and other statutory requirements relating to study at THI on the web page of the Legal Unit (courses ordered by faculty) here.

The module handbook and/or curriculum of the program concerned provides you with detailed information on subject content, study structures, areas of specialisation available to choose from, recommendations for the sign-up sequence of modules and subjects as well as other organisational details relating to the program.

You will generally find these documents by looking up the relevant course under bachelor's  programmes or master's programmes.

For some programmes, this information is only available in the password-protected area of our homepage. Should you have any questions, please consult the relevant faculty directly.

Your application for studying at THI goes to the Service Center Student Affairs (SCS) and is processed there. You will find detailed information and all the main information sheets under applying for a bachelor's programmes or applying for a master's programmes.

If you have any questions on your application, please also contact the SCS. The SCS contact details can be found on the SCS page and the relevant information sheets (see above).

An prior practical experience is an important admission requirement for some of our bachelor's programmes. In this connection, please note the relevant information sheet "Notes on prior practical experience" issued by the Service Center Student Affairs. It provides information on the requirements of an Prior practical experience in terms of content, duration and documentation type.

NOTE! Changes to be made soon to prior practical experience requirements!

Please see the new information sheet "Notes on prior practical experience" due to appear from mid-November 2014 on the above homepage of the Service Center Student Affairs!

Please note this important distinction: an prior practical experience is NOT the same as a basic internship!

Prior practical experience: Registration requirement for some bachelor's programmes as set out in the registration statutes. See "Notes on prior practical experience"

Basic Internship: Internship required for some bachelor's programmes as set out in the program and examination regulations of the relevant program

Required Internship: Internship required for some bachelor's programmes as set out in the program and examination regulations of the relevant program

All our bachelor's programmes have an integrated internship semester. Some programmes require students to take a so-called basic internship, too.

The program and examination regulations of the relevant program contain details of required internships.

For further information on the basic internship and internship semester, see the pages of the Service Center Student Affairs here.

Be careful not to confuse the following: a Basic internship is NOT the same as a prior practical experience!

Prior practical experience: Registration requirement for some bachelor's programmes as set out in the registration statutes. See "Notes on prior practical experience"

Basic Internship: Internship required for some bachelor's programmes as set out in the program and examination regulations of the relevant program

Required Internship: Internship required for some bachelor's programmes as set out in the program and examination regulations of the relevant program

It is a good idea to be well prepared when you start a study. Experience indicates that not all those embarking on a study have sound mastery of the basic subjects. Either it is a long time since they went to school or their grades in subjects such as maths and physics were not in the top bracket. To avoid difficulties and ensure an optimum start, it is urgently recommended that you should check your own basic knowledge and take a refresher course if necessary.

Here you will find further information (courses, target group, registration) on bridge courses at THI.

At the start of the semester, at THI there are introductory program-related events for all bachelor's programmes in addition to the official welcome event traditionally held on the first day of the semester for all new students. These are organised and implemented for each program by the respective faculty.

Details of when and where these introductory program-based events take place are only available to prospective students after full registration has been completed as shown in the online applicant status.