All students were informed about the application procedures by email.

Applications for 2018 are possible from 15th of March 2018 till 15th of June 2018.

The application can be done online here at your Primuss-Portal.

If you have any questions please contact us.



Allocation guidelines

  • Allocation is neither linked to religious affiliation nor dependent on the student's nationality.
  • The call for applications applies to students of all faculties or departments.
  • Only students who are in at least their 2nd semester at a Bavarian university may receive grants.
  • Applications for the grants must be made in writing. An endorsement by the relevant university lecturer with regard to the required books and the academic achievements of the student to date and a summary of the costs must be enclosed with the application.
  • The student must provide evidence of the use of the grant for the purpose for which it was intended within a reasonable period (set by the university) by means of receipted invoices; the receipts will be retained by the university.
  • The grant may only be awarded to financially disadvantaged students. Students who receive BAföG funding may be regarded as financially disadvantaged. Need can also be assumed if the student provides a credible assurance that the current net monthly income of his/her parents is not higher than twice the tax allowance according to § 25 Section 1 German Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG) plus the simple tax allowance according to § 25 Section 3 No. 2 BAföG for every dependent child, including the student him/herself (see list of tax allowances under point 8)
  • The student may only be taken into consideration a second time during his/her studies in exceptional cases.


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