WLAN performance

Guidelines for use

Like all the services of the Central IT Service, the WLAN is only provided for teaching and research, education and further education.

WLAN speed - available bandwidth

Our access points support the following standards:

TypeNominal bandwidthReal bandwidth
802.11a/b/g54 Mbit/s20 Mbit/s
802.11n300 Mbit/s120 Mbit/s


Due to the complex radio transmission procedure, a majority of the available bandwidths is used to control the connection.

WLAN speed - number and conduct of users

In addition to possible disruptions of radio frequencies, the transmission speed is essentially dependent on the number of users and the conduct of the users.

The available transmission power is shared amongst the users logged into an access point (shared medium). 
Only one station can transmit on one channel at any one time. If two stations are transmitting on one channel at the same time, the signal becomes unusable and the data packet must be repeated. Therefore, when there is a high number of users per access point or a continuous transmission of large quantities of data by individual users, the performance collapses.

Traffic management in the WLAN

The following restrictions apply, in consultation with the student council, to providing the available WLAN power equally to all users:

Restriction of bandwidth for network services used for online games to 1Mbit/s per user, max. 10% of the total data volume

Installed game clients try to establish server connections automatically. If updates are offered by the server operators, up to 25% of the available Internet bandwidth is claimed for this data traffic.

Restriction of the max. download speed to 4 Mbit/s.

This avoids an excessive strain on access points through too high volumes of data.

Request for fair user behaviour

Please use the PCs in the pools for large downloads. You can transport the data by USB stick without any problems. There are no bandwidth restrictions in the fixed line network.


If you have problems with the WLAN:

Support by e-mail

IT service point (opening hours)
Tel. +49 (0)841 9348 3200