For example, SAFIR Innovation Management is increasingly linking up with internal THI institutes such as the Bavarian Foresight Institute, the ForeTraNN Institute, the CoE (Center of Entrepreneurship) and the Mensch in Bewegung (MiB) project. Together, event formats are used to exchange knowledge and generate ideas.

The formats developed will be continuously adapted and expanded according to the principle of the "learning system". In addition, formats are also offered THI-wide to support knowledge transfer and expand the idea of innovation.

On the one hand, ideas will emerge from teaching in collaboration with students (e.g. through the Innovation Challenge). On the other hand, ideas will continue to be obtained directly from the SAFIR research projects and developed further. Overall, an innovation management system for the joint generation of ideas is to be established at the university - a platform for "creative minds" that can also be used after the second funding phase. The sustainability of developed ideas is ensured through idea monitoring. This platform lives through collaborative, innovative formats of cooperation.  SAFIR is thus breaking new ground in the joint generation of ideas and expanding the existing knowledge and innovation network. At the same time, the innovation platform is to be used as a networking platform. 


Innovation Manager SAFIR
Teresa Maltry
Phone: +49 841 9348-1415
Room: P209