Application Cluster "Autonomous Driving“

The core of the AI Node is the application cluster "autonomous driving". Vehicle automation is one of the most important changes in future mobility concepts. The driver is gradually released from driving tasks and can devote himself/herself to other activities while driving. In addition to this increase in comfort, the major advantages of vehicle automation include resource-saving driving through optimized traffic flows and greater safety for all road users. According to the classification of the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and the VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie), this can be divided into 5 levels. The state of the art today includes vehicles of automation levels 2 to 3, the last level being referred to as "autonomous driving". Here, the vehicle is completely guided by the system and performs all necessary tasks automatically in every situation.

In the application cluster, developments and innovations from the current state of the art to autonomous driving are to be scientifically promoted. Artificial intelligence is regarded as a promising method for making the complexity of autonomous mobility, caused by the infinite number of variants and the underlying non-linear relationships in traffic, manageable. AI can be used as a permeating technology in the perception, planning and control of traffic flows (macroscopic) and individual movements of mobility carriers (microscopic), but also for data-based services. Through AI-supported vehicle automation, vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and small and medium-sized enterprises are to expand their leading international position. The innovations required for this are to be developed and tested in the Bavarian AI network for mobility.

An overview of the three professorships in the "Autonomous Driving" application cluster funded as part of the Bavarian High-Tech Agenda is provided.

AI mobility professorships at the THI in the Autonomous Driving Cluster:


Scient. director AININ; Programme director and Acadmic Advisor "Automated Driving and Vehicle Systems" (Master)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Botsch
Phone: +49 841 9348-2721
Room: H024