Lack of sufficient and sustainable energy supply covers large sections of the rural sub-Saharan’s population in Africa. Despite outstanding climatic conditions, the main reason for the little impact of renewable energies in those areas is missing technical knowledge. In this context, as a part of its internationalisation strategy, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (THI) aims to contribute to improved training and research capacities. This goal should be reached through developing a network of sub-Saharan and European universities to foster renewable energies in Southern Africa. The foundation for such a “German Sub-Saharan Energy Research Network” was laid in March 2012, when representatives from THI travelled to Botswana to meet up with scientists and governmental representatives.


Formal cooperation agreed

In order to consolidate the long-lasting exceptional position of the Institute of new Energy Systems (InES) in solar energy and energy system technology research on international level, THI and Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST) signed a Memorandum of Agreement for joint higher education and research.

Along with a joint research project this cooperation should be consolidated. Together a sustainable energy system supplying local tourist accommodations, so called tourist lodges, is to be realised for numerous national parks. Such a lodge will be developed and erected on the new campus of BIUST. The lodge will be equipped with extensive measurement technology and should serve as research laboratory for local students.

Consequently the “EcoEdu-Logde“, commonly developed by Botswana and Ingolstadt scientists and students, stands not only for ECOlogy but also for EDUcation.

At BIUST in Botswana research capacities should be established by targeted know-how transfer. At THI the cooperation will contribute to extended international expertise for young academics, postgraduates and scientists.

Furthermore the development of curricula for common international degree programs and a research platform for international PHD programs are intended in cooperation with Polytechnic of Namibia, Windhoek and BIUST.

International research network

In addition InES scientists cooperate at an international level with the following scientific organisations and research partners (selection):

  • International Solar Energy Society (ISES)
  • Several research platforms of the International Energy Agency: Task 38: Solar Air-Conditioning; Task 39: Polymeric Materials for Solar Thermal Applications
  • De Montfort University, Leicester (GB): Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development
  • City University of Hong Kong (CN): Division of Building Science and Technology

International Climate Protection Fellowship

We'd like to draw your attention to a fellowship programme for climate experts from developing countries to spend one year in Germany – e.g. at Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, Institute of New Energy Systems. We would be happy to serve as host institution!

The closing date for applications is 1 March 2018.

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German-Africa Research

“Something unique in Germany.” These were the words of the Bavarian State Minister Dr. Ludwig Spaenle, referring to the Bavarian Research Institute for African Studies (BRIAS), that has been established with support of InES in February 2014. More

EU Funding

Since 2014 the Institute of new Energy Systems jointly develops a Network of Excellence in Renewable Energy Technologies together with four research partners in Southern Africa.