FarmErgy research project moves forward - project website published

Photo description: The project team (from left Stefanie Wageneder THI, Alexander Dürr Maschinenringe, Akhilesh Yadav THI) during a farm visit with operator survey at a pig fattening farm in the necessary protective clothing.

The project is concerned with developing technical solutions and business models for the energy management of agricultural farms based on AI-based digital electricity meters.

The project consortium consists of the Institute for New Energy Systems of the Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences, Maschinenringe e.V. and Steinbacher-Consult. The focus is on 20 dairy farms and 10 pig farms, on which data is being collected in order to train the artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm. The aim of the collaborative project is to promote automated and cross-sector networking in the agricultural energy system. Currently, the measurements on the practical farms are being intensified in order to be able to start training the artificial intelligence as quickly as possible. The first measurements have already been completed. At the same time, possible scenarios have already been developed for how the farm of the future could be set up. Not only electrical consumers will be located there, but in addition to the already widespread photovoltaic systems, other energy producers or sector coupling in the form of electromobility will also be taken into account.
The project website has recently gone online:

The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Food with funds from Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank.