Best Poster Award for the ELS team

Pablo Morales Torricos convinces with his poster contribution

Pablo Morales Torricos and his poster on "Influence of mechanical stress in battery aging". (Photo: private)

Last week Meinert Lewerenz and Pablo Morales presented at the Conference Advanced Battery Power 2022 with our most resent research on aging of lithium-ion batteries.

Dr. Meinert Lewerenz gave a talk regarding an innovative method for the fast estimation of battery aging: float currents. His presentation addressed the characterization results for several cell types (LFP/Graphite, NMC/Graphite and NCA/Graphite) with different active materials of the cell format 18650. This presentation offered a detailed scientific explanation of the float current method and, in this manner, the cornerstone of the newly founded project I-BasE lead by Dr. Lewerenz.

With a poster contribution Pablo Morales Torricos presented his first results corresponding to the influence of mechanical stress in battery aging and thus won the Best Poster Award. As a crucial part of the project BALd, which aims for the accelerated aging estimation and prognosis LIB, Mr. Morales Torricos presented along with initial measurements on Pouch batteries a test-bench for the investigation of mechanical stress, battery recovery and homogeneity of lithium distribution.