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AWARE – Bavarian Center for Research and Technology with Latin America

Since 2010, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (THI) has established a strong strategic network (Applied NetWork on Automotive Research and Education) with the Federal Universities of Santa Catarina and Paraná as well as additional industry and research partners. This provided the basis for the AWARE Center, opened in 2020. As a highly application and technology-oriented Center, we provide our services to a community of academic and industrial partners based in Bavaria and Latin America in order to enable them to join forces in finding new answers to global challenges.

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AININ – Artificial Intelligence Network Ingolstadt gGmbH

In early April 2019 the Artificial Intelligence Network Ingolstadt gGmbH (AININ) was founded at THI. Seven partners from science, economy and society joined forces to research forward-looking topics in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning. AININ concentrates on research questions concerning use of AI in the fields commerce, health, production and mobility. Different perspectives from science, economy and society are to encourage creative and interdisciplinary approaches and make solutions from one subject area quickly transferable to other areas.

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Controlling and maintaining the constantly growing vegetation along the 34,000 km long Deutsche Bahn (DB) route network is a time-consuming and challenging task. In order to comply with the prescribed traffic safety obligation, the vegetation along the entire route network must be inspected, documented and evaluated by specialist personnel at least once a year. At the same time, rail traffic should not be disturbed during this inspection work.

Project’s Aim:

In this project the scientific-technical basis of a future fully automated drone-based system for digitalized vegetation control and registration of damages after severe weather events along the railway network of DB will be developed. The aim is the conception and investigation of technology and processes which are needed. On the other hand, a fully functioning demonstrator will be developed and tested on a selected route section.

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In this project we develop the methodology for a virtual testing field using Ingolstadt as an example together with our regional partners. Our vision is the building of a virtual testing field in urban and rural surroundings. We develop the methods for the virtual design and testing in automated and connected driving. With virtual, randomized, controlled study designs and by using detailed and validated stochastic (Monte-Carlo-) simulations we can create extensive databases and thereby reach a statistic performance which is needed to examine the high-dimensional space for traffic scenarios. We are carrying out a prospective impact analysis regarding traffic safety and efficiency of automated and networked vehicles as well as an additionally supporting overhead sensor system at an accident intersection in Ingolstadt. Additionally, we answer important social issues besides the technical ones.

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SAFIR – Safety for All – Innovative Research Partnership on Global Vehicle and Road Safety Systems

The research partnership SAFIR links THI with more than 20 partners from industry and public institutions with the aim of increasing road safety to a new level. The research programme is integrated in the CARISSMA research and test centre and is able to draw on the centre’s infrastructure as well as professors’ expertise in the various subject areas.
SAFIR's total project volume, including funds provided by industry, amounts to approximately EUR 7.4 million. With the award of this funding, THI is one of ten universities in Germany from among more than 80 applications in the funding line “Starke Fachhochschulen – Impuls für die Region (FH-Impuls)”.

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Mensch in Bewegung

Mensch in Bewegung is a joint project of THI and Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt (KU). The 21st century brings with it pressing challenges like climate change, digitalization of life and work and social inequality. In these times universities must also contribute to positive change with innovative ideas.  KU and THI are facing this task during the five years of their project duration and beyond. Which new ideas are there for mobility? How can Region 10 develop sustainably? How can the digital transformation in the living and working world be well designed? And how can civic involvement help with the challenges of our time? These are the central questions of the project.

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Contact person AWARE

Managing Director Bavarian Center for Applied Research and Technology with Latin America (AWARE)
Dipl.-Kulturwirtin (Univ.) Anne-Sophie Kopytynski
Phone: +49 841 9348-6020
Room: P204
Fax: +49 841 9348-995620

Contact person AININ

Philipp Hecht
Geschäftsführer AININ
Philipp Hecht
Phone: +49 841 9348-2170

Contact person FreeRail

Prof. Dr. Andreas Festag
Phone: +49 841 9348-2255
Room: B102

Contact person SAVe

Scientific Director CARISSMA
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Huber
Phone: +49 841 9348-2523
Room: B205

Contact person SAFIR

Project coordinator SAFIR
Dipl.-Kulturwirtin (Univ.) Sabine Kapfhamer
Phone: +49 841 9348-6407
Room: P210
Fax: +49 841 9348-996407

Contact person Mensch in Bewegung

Project coordinator Mensch in Bewegung
Dipl.-Inf. Univ. Thomas Schmidt
Phone: +49 841 9348-6417
Room: P203
Fax: +49 841 9348-6440