• Support for doctorate students
    Should you have any questions about doctoral opportunities at FORTEC, you can make an appointment for a doctoral consultation at the Graduate Center.
  • Information event "Doctoral Studies at FORTEC"
    Once a year, FORTEC organizes an information event at which doctoral opportunities at FORTEC are presented. In addition, professional options and possible advantages of a doctorate are discussed. The date will be announced here.
  • Newsletter (German)
    In a newsletter we regularly inform about topics in the fields of scientific work and doctoral studies as well as about the activities of the Graduate Center. You can register for the newsletter by sending an e-mail to graduiertenzentrum@thi.de.
  • "Get a taste" of FORTEC research
    A good way to get to know FORTEC's research more intensively is to work as a student assistant and/or to write a bachelor or master thesis. You will be integrated into ongoing research projects. Open positions for student assistants and topics for theses are published on Moodle. If you do not have access to Moodle, simply click on the "Login as guest" field. If you do not find a suitable vacancy, we recommend that you contact the researchers in the research area you are interested in directly.
  • Job offers for scientific staff
    Open positions for research assistants are advertised on the career page of the university.

Further information

Schreibtisch mit Arbeitsunterlagen sowie dem "Paragraphen-Zeichen"

Legal background

You can find information about admission requirements and the right to award doctorates here.

Promovierende im Foyer der THI

Cooperative doctorate process

Illustration of an exemplary cooperative doctorate process.

Promovend und Betreuer betrachten technisches Equipment (close-up der Hände)

Research institutions

Research opportunities within the framework of institutes, research areas and THI research reports.

Fächer aus 20- und 50-Euroscheinen


Illustration of financing opportunities during a cooperative doctorate at the THI.


Graduate Center


Head of administration Graduate Center
Astrid Moser
Phone: +49 841 9348-6456
Room: J204