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Graduates and supervisor discussing a project.
Graduates and supervisor discussing a project

The Graduate Centre offers are directed at THI doctoral candidates at different phases in the doctorate processes as well as students and external parties. 

The doctoral candidates are supported both when entering the doctorate phase as well as during the doctorate process and the transition to professional life. Examples are a supporting training programme (doctorate course support studies) with subject specific courses and transferable skills training or a mentoring programme with representatives from industry. 

Students and external parties have the opportunity to obtain information from information events or within a consultation at the Research Centre. 

Graduate school offers list: For students/external parties there is an information platform, consultation and information events. For doctoral candidates in their orientation phase we support entering the doctorate by offering courses with good scientific practice and also consultation. For Doctoral candidates in doctorate courses we provide support for research activities e.g. course offers for research competences, academic writing, fundings and best pracitces. Also research interaction facilitation like doctoral regular meetings and research colloquium. Support for transition to professional life by course offers e.g. self-marketing and mentoring programme with representatives from industry.
Graduate school offers list


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