Seminar: Literaturrecherche und Publikationsunterstützung

Der zweiteilige Kurs findet am 26. Januar und 02. Februar statt.

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Contents of the course:

Research and publication strategies

  • Finding literature in library catalogs, databases and repositories
  • Evaluating publication media using directories and checklists
  • Identify quality standards of scientific publishing
  • Evaluate and rank personal research output with selected metrics
  • Present publication output with personal IDs

The doctoral students are then able to...

  • locate relevant literature from all sources using appropriate search strategies
  • make their own research output and scientific reputation visible using suitable publication strategies
  • make informed decisions about which publication media are suitable for them
  • recognize which open access journals work in a scientifically correct manner
  • identify characteristics of predictive journals
  • assign and use an ORCID ID for yourself