Offers for doctoral students

In the first step, the THI Graduate Center attaches great importance to providing comprehensive advice to those interested in a possible doctorate. Through the qualification programme, doctoral students can then continue their professional and interdisciplinary training during the doctoral phase. In addition, a regulars' table of doctorate students offers the opportunity to network and exchange ideas with other doctoral students. The mentoring program with representatives of the industry rounds off the Graduate Centers offerings and supports the career entry towards the end of the doctoral phase.

  • Support for doctorate students
    Should you have any questions regarding your doctorate, the Graduate Center is the first point of contact.
  • Qualification programme

    The Graduate Center promotes young scientists through a qualification program. The advanced technical and interdisciplinary seminars can be taken within the framework of the certificate "Doctoral Studies" and can also be arranged individually according to the respective requirements.

  • Mentoring programme with representatives from the industry
    Doctoral students that are approximately in the last year of their doctoral phase can participate in a mentoring program with representatives from the industry. The mentor accompanies and supports the mentee at the start of his or her career. Should you be interested, please contact the Graduate Center.
  • Meeting with fellow regulars

    In order to promote the exchange and networking, a regulars’ table of doctorate students is offered. Invitations are sent directly to the doctoral students registered at the Graduate Center.

  • Newsletter (German)

    In a newsletter we regularly inform about topics in the fields of scientific work and doctoral studies as well as about the activities of the Graduate Center. You can register for the newsletter by sending an e-mail to