Event: Business start-up on 14.01., 15.01. and 22.01.2021

Since there is no universal solution for all the decisions an entrepreneur has to face, this course is designed to develop a flexible, methodical and creative way of thinking about the creation and management of entrepreneurial ideas and companies.

Fig: Flipchart Mindmap Start-up

The aim of the event is for participants to develop and present a business concept and to record it in the form of an extended slide deck or business concept.


  • Theoretical as well as practical knowledge about entrepreneurship (Entrepreneurship)
  •  Imparting basic knowledge in order to build up a start-up
  •  Competencies and skills for the realization of an own business idea are promoted
  •  Identification, evaluation and exploitation of business opportunities
  •  Development and implementation of business models
  •  Resource and financing possibilities of a start-up company
  •  Parts of the Lean Startup Principle

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