More salary with a doctorate

Employees with a doctorate often receive more salary in their first years of work than their colleagues with a master's degree. Since they often had to make do with considerably less money than others during their doctorate period, they receive around 9,000 euros more than employees with a master's degree when they start their careers, according to an analysis of the salary portal "". According to this, the median starting salary with a doctorate is 55,500 euros, and 46,300 euros with a master's degree.


Picture: Participants' doctor hats

For computer scientists, the doctoral degree is most worthwhile in terms of starting salary. You will receive 48,300 euros with a Master's degree. With a doctorate, it is 56,900 euros - a salary jump of 8,600 euros. This is followed by engineers with an entry-level salary of 53,800 euros when they complete their doctorate. With a Master's degree, they receive 49,500 euros - a difference of 4,300 euros.

In the natural sciences, the figure is 51,700 euros compared with 46,800 euros - an increase of almost 5,000 euros. In the humanities and economics, the salary difference is around 4,000 euros each. At 45,500 euros and 49,423 euros respectively, economists receive significantly more than their humanities colleagues. They start their careers with 36,400 euros and 40,400 euros respectively.