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Freshly minted Ph.D.: Alberto Flores Fernández researches vehicle safety (Photo: THI).

100th cooperative doctorate at the THI

Dr. Alberto Flores Fernández has successfully completed his cooperative doctorate at the University of Castilla-La Mancha. more


The award for science communication more
Picture of the word promotion in front of colourful blobs of paint

2. Kaminabend am 01.12.2021

Wir laden Euch recht herzlich zum zweiten Kaminabend des Graduiertenzentrums der THI in Zusammenarbeit mit dem BayWISS Verbundkolleg Mobilität &… more
Illustration of seven light bulbs in a row. The third bulb is lit and is further up.

Digitaler GEW-Workshop der Projektgruppe Doktorand*innen in der GEW am 15. und 16. Oktober 2021

„Promovieren mit FH/HAW-Abschluss. Kooperative Promotionsverfahren erwünscht?“ Für FH/HAW-Absolvent*innen und -Angehörige, Promotionsinteressierte,… more
Illustration of international students with the text "Study in the USA - yes please" underneath.

Opportunities for young scientists: Network with research in the USA!

Young German scientists can apply for a doctoral fellowship at Fulbright Germany until November 1, 2021. more
Illustration of the word Promotion! with colorful splashes of paint in the background

1. Kaminabend am 29.07.2021 von 17:00 bis 19:00 Uhr

Wir laden Euch recht herzlich zum ersten Kaminabend des Graduiertenzentrums der THI in Zusammenarbeit mit dem BayWISS Verbundkolleg Mobilität &… more
Image of Amit Chaulwar with a multi-lane road in the background.

Amit Chaulwar successfully completes his doctorate as the first fellow of the BayWISS Collaborative Research Center Mobility and Transport

Mr. Amit Chaulwar joined the newly established BayWISS Verbundkolleg Mobility and Transport as one of the first PhD students in 2016. After 5 years,… more
Illustration of a doctoral student between stacked books

Der Ratgeber für die Promotion

Promovieren - ja oder nein?, Themenwahl, Bewerbungstipps, Gehalt und Finanzierungsmöglichkeiten – hier finden Sie alles Wichtige für die Promotion… more
Illustration of a jubilant doctoral candidate wearing a doctoral hat jumping into the air in front of a blue sky with a white cloud.

Online-Talk: DFG Funding Opportunities for Postdocs on 26.05.2021

Germany’s largest independent research funding organisation offers funding opportunities for all career stages between doctorate and professorship. more
[Translate to English:] Image of hands on a wooden table working with smartphones, tablets or notebooks.

New Internet service bundles information on Open Access

The DFG supports Open Access in a variety of ways. A new website provides an overview of funding opportunities, positions and international… more


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