Earning a doctorate at THI

Doctoral candidates with a degree from a University of Applied Sciences are no longer the exception. Many institutions have undergone a profound change from a pure "teaching programme" to a greater emphasis on applied research. Thus, an environment has developed that enables scientific work and offers good conditions for research. THI positions itself as an exceptionally research-focussed university in the heart of Bavaria. As Universities of Applied Sciences in Bavaria do not have the right to award doctorates, doctorates always take place in collaboration with a university. 

Further information

Schreibtisch mit Arbeitsunterlagen sowie dem "Paragraphen-Zeichen"

Legal background

You can find information about admission requirements and the right to award doctorates here.

Ablaufschema einer kooperativen Promotion

Cooperative doctorate process

Illustration of an exemplary cooperative doctorate process.

Promovend und Betreuer betrachten technisches Equipment (close-up der Hände)

Research institutions

Research opportunities within the framework of institutes, research areas and THI research reports.

Fächer aus 20- und 50-Euroscheinen


Illustration of financing opportunities during a cooperative doctorate at the THI.

Beispieldokument der THI-Betreuungsvereinbarung

Supervision agreement

Content and benefits of a supervision agreement.

Ein jubelnder Promovend mit Doktorhut und in Talar

Completed doctorates

List of all cooperative doctorates completed at the THI.


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