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Latest research in automotive user interfaces (Photo: Riener).

AUTOMOTIVEUI '23 takes place at the THI

From September 18 to 21, international researchers will meet at the Ingolstadt University of Technology to exchange information on the latest… more

Projekt BIO-FIT: Dritter Workshop-Durchgang stößt erneut auf reges Interesse

Im Rahmen der Workshopreihe „Biogas nach dem EEG – Handlungsmöglichkeiten für Anlagenbetreiber“ fand am 10. August die dritte Wiederholung des… more

A Remarkable Success: Unravelling the Highlights of the 4th International Conference on Solar Technologies & Hybrid Mini Grids to improve energy access

In a dynamic display of innovation and collaboration, the highly anticipated 4th International Conference on Solar Technologies & Hybrid Mini Grids to… more
Tests on the road (photo: THI).

Funding for Bavarian-Czech research project

The TREND program supports "Traffic_Talk: 5G Application in V2X Sensor Networks." The consortium consists of the THI, the Czech Technical University… more

Official Kick-Off of SWITCH

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of the SWITCH project, titled "Stabilizing weak grids through machine learning: empowering farmers in… more

Final event "EOM-Plus": Analysis of the short- and medium-term effects of smart markets

The Department of Energy Systems Engineering of the Institute for new Energy Systems (InES) of THI, together with the Friedrich-Alexander University… more

EUREC College of Members hosted by Institute of new Energy Systems at Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt

The Institute of new Energy Systems (InES) was pleased to host the 66th EUREC College of Members meeting on 14th and 15th of June 2023. EUREC - The… more

AMBER: first project meeting in Ifrane, Morocco

The Accelerate Moroccan's Biogas Sector: A Higher Education-Industry Partnership (AMBER) project is dedicated to promoting a thriving biogas sector in… more

"Flexible Fahrweise oder Biogas-Aufbereitungsanlage – Exkursion gibt Einblick in die Praxis von Biogasanlagen-Betreibern"

Das Institut für neue Energie-Systeme (InES) der Technischen Hochschule Ingolstadt (THI) bot vergangenen Dienstag, 13. Juni 2023, interessierten… more

Full E-power ahead - electrified towards the future

The ferry connection between the northern German ports of Norddeich and Norderney is to be electrified and equipped with a new type of fast charging… more


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