National and international networks

Complementary to classical research and teaching as well as the well-known innovation and
value chains, cross-institutional networks, especially of research-intensive HAW, is becoming increasingly important. In each of these overarching projects, THI acts as an anchor and connecting element, and furthermore, expands herewith its position as a mobility university.

In this context, the innovation alliance "Mensch IN Bewegung" (People on the Move), launched at the beginning of 2018, is one of the largest and most extensive network projects. Together with the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, it promotes the so-called "Third Mission", understood as science with and for society. In addition to the regional research partnership SAFIR and the international, now institutionalised network project AWARE, "Mensch IN Bewegung" is already the third BMBF-funded project of this kind, mainly focused on perpetuation and further development.

These network project’s aim is to form a new form of communication and innovation community beyond the internal institutional structure and thus contribute shaping a new type of university. The services of external partners are mostly important and vary on the basis of the project type.