FORTEC - Department for Research Promotion, Transfer and Controlling

FORTEC is the central contact point for researchers on national and EU projects, network and cluster management as well as administrative project management. External competition requires the highest possible cooperation between organisational units and research groups within the university. More higher complexity, collective capacity to act and successful research require that research structures, content and processes work together more than ever as a unit and that all participants see themselves as equal links in the innovation and value-added chain. Only in this way, this knowledge can be translated into productive action. Together we will lay the foundations for THI's continued successful development in research.

FORTEC offers the bundled competences concering research funding, application, administrative project management as well as networks "under one roof" and creates efficiency gains through these overlaps: The processing knowledge facilitates the application and avoids socomplicated, time-consuming renegotiations. In turn, the structured project transfer from the application process simplifies the review of grant notices and their attachment during processing. The broad, cross-project network perspective with its own rules, roles and communication structures creates new impulses and thus changes beyond FORTEC.



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