Scientific Advisory Board

The SAFIR Scientific Advisory Board acts as an advisory and recommendatory body for the Steering Committee. Support in the area of quality assurance is also one of its tasks. The SAFIR Scientific Advisory Board focuses on technological and project-oriented aspects. It currently has twelve external and seven internal members. The chairman of the committee is the partnership spokesman.


External Advisory Board members

Dr. Oliver Schlicht
Head of Development of Passive Safety Functions, AUDI AG
Ulrich Huber
Unit 66, Bavarian State Ministry for Housing, Construction and Transportation
Robert Martinez von Bülow
Project Manager Development Cooperation, Modular System 2024, BMW AG
Dr. Lutz Kühnke
Head of Occupant Safety & Inertial Sensors, Passive Safety & Sensorics Segment, Continental Automotive GmbH
Erich Daubmeier
Head of Branch, Ingolstadt DEKRA Automobil GmbH
Frank Schmidt
Head of AUDI Division, EDAG Engineering GmbH
Dr. Paul Spannaus
EFS-34 Chassis Simulation, Policy Officer Virtual Development, Elektronische Fahrwerksysteme GmbH
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reinhard German
Holder of the Chair of Computer Networks and Communication Systems at FAU Nuremberg-Erlangen
Dr. Ulrich Lages
Managing Director, Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH
Prof. Dr. Georg Rosenfeld
Chief Officer for Business Development and Digitalisation, IFG Ingolstadt AöR
Dierk Arp
Managing Director, Messring GmbH
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Utschick
Dean of the TUM Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Spokesperson of SAFIR / Vicepresident Research and Transfer
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Suchandt
Phone: +49 841 9348-3710
Room: D026