SAFIR: Innovation Management

SAFIR Innovation Management serves as a platform for networking distributed competencies, specifically addressing the core areas “Intelligent Mobility”, “Innovative Work Environment” and “Innovation Dynamics in Business” within the German government's High-Tech Strategy. THI’s interdisciplinary cooperation with industrial partners, SMEs and large companies based in the region will be sustainably strengthened, continuously generating and developing future-oriented ideas for Vehicle Safety 4.0 through the exchange between science and industry. “Innovation Forum” and “Innovation Challenge” are at the centre of these activities.

Innovation Forum

Innovation Forum gives SAFIR professors and the approximately 20 industrial partners in SAFIR the opportunity to jointly develop interesting and forward-looking research topics within a creative framework. Far removed from monologue-style presentations, the creativity of each individual is to be addressed and stimulated by means of selective co-hosting and a casual atmosphere. In this context, feasibility and practicability are not a restrictive factor in terms of generating ideas: these are issues that are subsequently assessed by SAFIR Innovation Management.

Innovation Challenge

Innovation Challenge calls on the creativity of THI students. The focus here is on the development of concepts for Vehicle Safety 4.0 and the advancement of ideas in interdisciplinary project teams. The best ideas are selected by the award of prizes. The results can be evaluated promptly based on the partnership-based collaboration of the SAFIR network.



Research assistant SAFIR
Sonja Kupfer
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Funding Reference number: 13FH7M1IA