Impulse Project 2: Test methods using driving tests for global safety

In IP 2, research is being carried out into basic components for the automated testing of integral safety systems by means of real driving tests as well as a testing system for the reduction of road mileage in field tests. One main goal is optimisation and operation by combining the essential components required for high-precision, reproducible driving tests in indoor and outdoor test areas. The implementation of automated driving tests for integral vehicle safety up to the dynamic threshold range is to be realised in this way. A further important goal is to reduce field test road mileage by means of specifically selected driving routes or by driving tests on test sites.


The impulse project is subdivided into the following subprojects:

SME projects

The aim of the SME project “2D Mover – movement platform for realistic pedestrian dummies” run by  Messring GmbH is to create a mobile set-up for testing and validating the functionality of driver assistance systems. The 2D Mover mimics the macro-movements of pedestrians and cyclists, thereby enabling realistic mapping of those road users who are most at risk.

Using a number of winches, a platform on which a test specimen in the form of a target or dummy is attached is able to travel two-dimensional trajectories. The aim is to reproduce near-collision or collision situations with a moving vehicle in order to test its driver assistance systems and to investigate its response and behaviour. The 2D Mover is to be mobile and not have any specific structural prerequisites so that it can be flexibly set up at test sites. It is controlled by means of a notebook and triggered by DGPS or light barriers.

Funding reference number: 13FH7K01IA

Funding agency: Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Research at Universities of Applied Sciences

In the SME project being conducted by GeneSys Elektronik GmbH, a measuring technique is to be developed that can reliably and precisely record the movements and position of a vehicle in real time without additional external sensor fusion, even in difficult environments such as where there is poor GPS reception or none at all. New methods for improving the robustness and accuracy of position detection for real-time applications are to be implemented. In addition, a reliable quality evaluation of the signal quality is to be developed and released.

Funding reference number: 13FH7K02IA

Funding agency: Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Research at Universities of Applied Sciences 



Scient. director AININ; Programme director and Acadmic Advisor "Automated Driving and Vehicle Systems" (Master)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Botsch
Phone: +49 841 9348-2721
Room: H024

Funding reference number: 13FH7I02IA