EVU conference at THI

On 11 November, more than 30 EVU accident analysts met at THI. EVU is a worldwide association of experts in the field of accident research and accident reconstruction.

Figure: CARISSMA presentation of accident simulation

The conference included a presentation of the latest results to come out of the SAFIR Impulse Project 4 relating to accident analysis of the future. In addition, participants discussed the changes in accident analysis caused by the automation, networking and electrification of vehicles, as well as the influence of vehicle manipulation. Furthermore, the impact of cyber security and AI on traffic accidents was addressed. It became clear that the use of vehicle system data has a key role to play in the context of accident reconstruction and that further innovative methods are needed in order to be able to forensically clarify traffic accidents unequivocally in future. The aim is to develop these methods over the next few years as part of SAFIR so as to establish legal certainty and confidence in future technologies. At the same time, data protection aspects are to be fully taken on board.