Just do it. Could be good.

The start-up supernutural presents itself within the SAFIR Innovation Challenge.

On 28.04.2020 Amelie and Timo Sperber, the founders of supernutural, were guests in the virtual lecture on innovation management. The seminar is linked to the so-called Innovation Challenge. This challenge represents a format for idea development within the research partnership SAFIR.

Figure: Amelie and Timo Sperber, the founders of supernutural GmbH

Amelie and Timo Sperber, the founders of supernutural GmbH

Around 25 participants enthusiastically followed the inspiring words of Amelie and Timo. With their young company they are making a contribution to healthier and more sustainable nutrition. The Munich-based start-up, which has already received various nominations and awards, manufactures machines for nut cream under sustainable aspects and focuses on the B2B sector. The end consumer can thus "tap" delicious fresh nut cream with a unique do-it-yourself experience directly where he does his everyday shopping - for example in the health food store or Edeka around the corner. Hotels or well-known football clubs are also among the customer base of the family-run start-up. The special thing about this nut cream is that it is a healthy organic food with no hidden ingredients, artificial flavours or packaging waste. Supernutural also places great value on regionality, sustainability and durability when it comes to the material for the nut machine - the mills are designed to last a lifetime. In a relaxed atmosphere, the participants were able to ask the entrepreneurial couple questions about the topic of founding and the challenges involved in this process after the varied presentation. It is precisely through such encounters and contributions that the SAFIR Innovation Challenge manages not only to impart theoretical knowledge, but also to establish a direct link to practice. We would like to thank Amelie and Timo Sperber very much and look forward to further exciting presentations within the framework of the Innovation Challenge.

For everyone who sees a Sperber nut cream machine, the motto is: "cup underneath, nut cream in, lid on" - and simply enjoy.

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