Objectives and Ideas

Car2X protocols and applications are developed, evaluated and tested from the initial idea to in-vehicle prototype implementation in the Car2X laboratory. For this purpose, the laboratory has a test vehicle equipped with environment perception sensors, various development platforms for Car2X communication (including IEEE 802.11p/ ETSI ITS-G5 and mobile radio communication) for on-board units (OBUs) and roadside units (RSUs); it is also fitted with light signal systems and powerful IT hardware for simulations. Our team possesses know-how in the design and realisation of software for embedded systems as well as in simulation models in the area of Car2X. This includes ’Artery’ for simulating Car2X applications and our implementation of the ETSI ITS-G5 protocols ’Vanetza’.



  • Test vehicle: BMW318D
  • Driver assistance systems with current sensor systems
  • Car PCs for, among other things, sensor data fusion incl. interfaces (CAN, FlexRay, LTE, WiFi etc.)
  • Protocol analyser for examining radio traffic in various frequency bands
  • Development controllers for IEEE 802.11p / ETSI ITS-G5 applications
  • Roadside units for Car2X communication and light signal systems with control computer
  • GNSS receiver for high-precision position determination
  • High-performance simulation computer for Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) performance tests and network tests
  • Mobile robot as autonomous model vehicle with ROS-B
  • Virtual reality workplace, workshop and laboratory workplaces

Example Applications

  • Cross-vehicle exchange of inertial data for exact localisation
  • Research into test methods suitable for Car2X communication
  • Conducting performance tests for Car2X systems (e.g. ETSI ITS-G5)
  • Securing scalable and reliable vehicle communication
  • Rest-of-the-world simulation for Car2X tests
  • Assist systems based on innovative mobile radio technologies (e.g. mobile edge computing)
  • Exchange of sensor information between vehicles for cooperative environment perception


Head of the Graduate Center, Head of SAFIR-Cluster 3
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Christian Facchi
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Research Assistant CARISSMA
Raphael Riebl, M.Sc.
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Research Assistant CARISSMA
Stefan Neumeier, M.Sc.
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Research Assistant CARISSMA
Anupama Hegde
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Research Assistant CARISSMA
Quentin Delooz, M. Sc.
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