Globales und kooperatives Sicherheitssystem

The subprojects of the impulse project "Global and Cooperative Security System" in SC3 merge various novel and additional information (CFK, nano-radar, Car2X communication) to the Global Environment Model. This in turn provides the input variables for the global safety functions of the product use phase, which are realised by means of example safety functions. As a special test case, special Car2X test methods (stress test) are developed in this IP due to the safety requirements, with which the safety functions can be tested. In addition, the virtual and real test methods and tools from SC1 and 2 are used in SC3. This ensures that the developed global environment model and the safety functions based on it have a practical reference and that a prompt prototype implementation is possible.

Fig. 1: The SAFIR clusters

Research partnership

Safety for all – Innovative Research Partnership on Global Vehicle and Road Safety Systems