Automated Valet Parking Systems (AVPS) relieve the driver of the entire parking process. Parking is completely automated by the system. Due to the trivial traffic rules and the low speeds in parking lots, AVPS are predestined to be the first commercial assistance system with SAE Level 4. Many of the systems known today rely on a combination of sensors from state-of-the-art vehicles with sensors within the infrastructure. To this end, parking systems are equipped with comprehensive sensor technology to assist vehicles in environment sensing and route planning.

This research investigates how AVPS can be made more viable and accessible using current vehicle technologies. With the help of the ANTON research vehicle, a fully comprehensive system design has been developed in simulation to date, with only the need of a communication unit in the infrastructure. Future work will focus on improving, implementing, and validating the AVPS in the real vehicle.


Programme director and Academic advisor "Applied Reserach in Engineering Sciences" (Master)
Prof. Ondrej Vaculin, Ph.D.
Phone: +49 841 9348-3803
Room: A112