Application Cluster "Digital Production"

Central challenges in automobile production are the networking of production systems, the optimization of production, logistics and quality assurance processes, and the conversion to climate-neutral production. Intelligent recording, storage and processing of large quantities of heterogeneous data plays an important role in meeting these challenges.

For this reason, AI applications will become increasingly important in the factory of the future and can secure Bavaria as a production location technologically and economically. Vehicles, but also important sensors and components for automated driving are produced in Ingolstadt. The use of AI applications in production is expected to make a significant contribution to securing production locations in Bavaria.

In addition to the existing expertise in the field of AI-supported automobile production, two further AI research professorships will be established in this cluster as part of the development of the AI Mobility Node at THI.


AI mobility professorships in the AI-supported Automobile Production Cluster:


Scient. director AININ; Programme director and Acadmic Advisor "Automated Driving and Vehicle Systems" (Master)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Botsch
Phone: +49 841 9348-2721
Room: H024
Managing Director AImotion Bavaria
Dr. Christian Lösel
Phone: +49 841 9348-1113
Room: I202