Philipp von Perponcher

Studienbotschafter Informatik Master

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Why did you choose this degree programme?

Because of my local dual study programme and the bachelor's degree in computer science, which I also did at the THI, it was an obvious choice and because I was interested in the topics.

What are the contents of your studies?

General content such as software engineering or "architecture and design patterns for software", but also specialised lectures such as computer forensics or security of modern networks.

Related degree programmes at THI:

  • Cloud Applications and Security Engineering, Business Information Systems Engineering.

What professional strengths should I bring with me for this degree programme?

General computer science knowledge and an affinity for secure programming, whether in the broad sense such as IT security or at the system level such as for security-critical systems.

Your tip for study orientation?

Look through the module plans, talk to older colleagues/former students, go to information events.