Michael Schubert

Study Ambassador Business Informaton Systems

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Why did you choose this degree programme?

  • Future-oriented
  • good combination of business and IT
  • New challenge

What character traits or professional strengths should you have for this degree programme?

  • logical thinking
  • patience
  • Interest in business (processes)
  • Mathematics and IT

What are the contents of the programme?

Basic studies in the first part of the programme (first two semesters) include both computer science and business administration subjects.
From the second semester onwards, more relevant subjects in business informatics follow. Topics such as application systems, process design and project management.

What is your tip for study orientation?

  • Make use of all available offers.
  • Register for 2-3 degree programmes and try the "most difficult" first (you can always change).

What do you like best about the THI?

  • Close contact with professors
  • Great atmosphere on campus