Jasmin Barioudi

Student ambassador

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Why did you choose this degree programme?

Since I am interested in a broad spectrum of technical innovations and did not want to choose a specific direction, EIT is the ideal degree programme for me because it offers many opportunities in the field of engineering. The high proportion of practical experience through many internships at the university and assignments with my dual partner also appealed to me.

What character traits or professional strengths should you have for this degree programme?

You should definitely have a great interest in technology, but also an understanding of mathematics. Determination and motivation also help you stay on the ball.

What are the contents of the programme?

    In the first part of the programme: many basic subjects such as maths, electrical engineering and measurement technology, as well as programming lectures and several internships.
    In the 2nd stage: subject-specific subjects such as power electronics, modelling/simulation or microcomputer technology; as well as a practical semester and specialisation subjects that you can choose yourself.

What is your tip for study orientation?

It's best to weigh up your own interests and strengths and choose a subject that you will enjoy for a long time and that offers you many opportunities.

What do you like best about the THI?

The library, where you can study very well, not only during exams; coffee machines and the canteen :)