Anna-Lena Fischer

Study Ambassador

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Why did you decide to study this course?
As I had previously completed an apprenticeship and then my master craftsman training in the automotive sector, it was clear to me that I definitely wanted to continue in this direction. I quickly realised that I was more interested in the electronic/electrical component. Therefore, the choice was very easy for me.
What character traits or professional strengths should you have for the degree programme?
Definitely interest, stamina and discipline. Also a technical and mathematical understanding.
What are the contents of the programme?
The programme consists of two parts. In the first, mainly basic subjects are covered, such as electrical engineering, physics, maths, signals and systems, measurement technology, ... In the second, in-depth subjects with a focus on electromobility, e.g. electric drives, energy storage, etc. In general, the following core areas are covered: electrical engineering, computer science, natural science, and also interdisciplinary subjects such as business administration.
What professions can I pursue after graduation?
Development engineer, electrical engineer in many different fields and industries.
What do you like best about the THI?
The entire campus, but especially the library with its relaxed learning atmosphere.