Hydrogen - the champagne of the energy transition

And how can it be sensibly used or even produced in a community? The first joint project with a regional partner has started in the Hydrogen Technology and Economy Master's programme. Together with the municipality of Hohenwart, possible fields of application for hydrogen in the municipality are to be evaluated. Possible ideas include the on-site production of hydrogen by means of electrolysis from renewable energies, the construction of a local hydrogen filling station for heavy goods vehicles or the seasonal storage and use of fuel cells to generate electricity and heat in winter. Perhaps even the planning of an energetically fully self-sufficient settlement on the municipal territory will succeed.
The goal of the project, which is running in the summer semester, is to find meaningful fields of application and to explore funding opportunities. Ideally, projects that can be implemented directly on site will emerge that strengthen the energy sovereignty of the community.

At the kick-off meeting, the start-up course of the WTW Master met with the mayor of Hohenwart, Jürgen Haindl, and representatives of the municipality. Together, they visited various locations in the municipality, such as the new school building, where the construction of an electrolysis plant could be considered.

Picture from left: Mr Gröger from ve-Plan, Master students, Mr Haindl, Ms Schnapp, Mr Huber, Mr Koppold