Student project work together with the international project partner RE-EMPOWERED

Development of a local off-grid system for Ghoramara Island

Students of the project group Off-Grid in front of the THI building

The THI project team

The Indian island of Ghoramara was the demonstration site for the case study that the student project of the Off-Grid Energy Systems course, led by Professor Navarro Gevers at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, worked on for the project partner RE-EMPOWERED.
Five students had as project objective to "develop and size an off-grid system for the Indian island of Ghoramara", where the current needs for electrical energy are not met.
After the presentation of the project by the responsible persons of RE-EMPOWERED from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), the group of students took over the project. Working as a team, they defined the requirements for the system, weighed the locally available resources from solar and wind, made a load estimate, determined the dimensions of the off-grid storage system, and used a simulation to test the system. The results were presented and handed over to those responsible in a final presentation. This exciting international project came about as a result of the cooperation with DTU, which has existed for some time and is lived out by Professor Navarro Gevers of the TH Ingolstadt. And it is a great example of project-based learning and student teamwork.

The conclusion of Simon Müller, THI student and project participant, is clear: The real project made the elaboration more lively and put the study content directly into practice. Through the own elaboration one had the feeling to know not only theoretically, but also practically. I really enjoyed working on a project in this way and I can only recommend it to everyone."