Sponsors duck at the 8th Schanzer duck race

Gelbe Plastikente als THI Flugente herausgeputzt

THI Ente am Start beim Schanzer Entenrennen

Shortly before the start of the semester break, the Goose from the Aeronautical Engineering course jumped into the fray at this year's 8th Schanzer Duck Race. She swam off for the fourth time and this time came in 110th out of 168 ducks. In 2019, the Goose was even third fastest. The race started at the old Danube bridge in Ingolstadt and the finish was about 300 meters downstream at the lake stage. The majority of the proceeds will go to ELISA e.V., a part to THW and also 2-3 small donation recipients will be considered after the extremely successful race with record participation. A big thank you to all sponsors!