THI has won the science grant of the Ignaz Kögler foundation!

So we can invite the applicants to the Acoustic Summer Research Camp.

We are addressing all students who work in the fields of

  • psychoacoustics and philosophy
  • medicine
  • technical acoustics
  • simulation
  • musical science
  • artificial intelligence and other future techniques

The workshop will be highly interdisciplinary. With the support of 10 experts of the acoustic disciplines we achieve an impact for your research progress and the research field. The Ignaz Kögler Foundation of Excellence will support the realization financially.

Research Camp Timetable




Day  1

Introduction and interdisciplinary aspects in acoustics

Bienert, Jörg, Prof. (THI)


Ethic aspects in acoustics

Gatt, Monika, Dr. phil. (TU München)


Team Event (tbe)


Day  2


Musical acoustics:
Correlation between psychology of perception und physics

Haverkamp, Michael Dr.-Ing.


High End Audio:
the „perfect High End experience of sound“

Soldan, Ulf, Dipl.-Ing. (Bowers & Wilkins)

Day  3


Noise: impact of environmental noise to the human health

Wothge, Jördis, Dipl.-psych. (Umweltbundesamt)


Soundscape and Urban Noise:
targets for the sound in our cities

Fiebig, André, Prof. (TU Berlin)

Day  4


Medical acoustics:

Fleischer, Mario, Dr.-Ing. (Charité Berlin)  


Vehicle acoustics in the ear of E-Mobility

Peiffer, Alexander, Dr.-Ing. (Audi AG)

Day  5


Acoustics and fluid dynamics:
challenges of flow noise and its simulation

Mäder, Marcus, Dr. (TU München)


Simulation and coupling in different physical Domains

Melnikov, Anton, Dr.-Ing. (Fraunhofer Dresden)


Final Presentation:                                   
public presentation of the Research Camp results

Bienert, Jörg, Prof. (THI)


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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Bienert
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