Examination registration and deregistration

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Anyone wishing to be admitted to the above-mentioned examinations or certificates of achievement must register for the examination in due form and time. The registration must indicate the subjects in which the student wishes to take the examination. A registration is only valid for the next examination date. A new application must be made for admission to a repeat examination or to take an examination that was initially missed. Without an application in due form and time, an examination for which no express admission has been granted is considered not to have been taken; the examination board decides on exceptions, unless the responsibility has been transferred to the responsible examination board in a study and examination regulation.

Registration for the exams and certificates of achievement offered by Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences in the respective semester (also for certificates of achievement that are or have been achieved during the current semester - such as term papers, projects, internships, presentations, PLVs - as well as vhb-examinations, as far as they are included in the range of exams offered by Ingolstadt University!

In order to avoid any discrepancies in the registration procedure at a later date, you are required to make a printout of the examinations registered online, which serves as proof of your registration for the examination. Only on presentation of the protocol document, which is provided with an automatically generated, individual verification number, can subsequent complaints (e.g. due to possible transmission errors) be accepted. The proof of examinations registered subsequently will be issued by the Examination Office on request.

If the online exam registration does not work despite repeated attempts on your part, please contact the Service Center for Academic Affairs (Examinations Office).

Important information:

Please check the correctness of your registrations by the end of the exam registration period at the latest!
If you fail to comply with this obligation to cooperate in good time, you will be held liable for this!

You can register for examinations from the language centre via your Primuss Portal.


Exams taken at the language Centre cannot be credited as a compulsory or optional subject at a later stage of your main studies.

During the examination period you can register voluntarily for various examinations.


The registration is done via your Primuss Portal.

Please note that voluntary examinations are not included in the grade point average, nor are the ECTS credits counted.

A voluntary subject can no longer be credited as a compulsory or optional subject at a later stage of the main study period.

Anyone taking examinations must register in due form and time, stating the subjects to be examined.

Later registrations for examinations are only admissible by written application, stating valid reasons and with the consent of the respective chairman of the examination board.

Without registration in due form and time, an examination is generally not considered to be taken.

You can find the application form for belated examination registration in your Primuss Portal.

Parallel to the application, you must be present at the office hours of the chairman of your examination board. Otherwise your request will not be considered!

Each semester there is an examination registration and deregistration period.


If it is already decided before the examination period that there will be no participation in the examination, the examination should be cancelled beforehand.

This does not apply to repeat examinations and examinations which must be written (e.g. because the deadline has been exceeded)! The repetition period continues to run, regardless of the exam registration!

For exam performances that have to be completed before the exam period (e.g. admission requirements), there is usually no possibility to deregister after the end of the exam registration period!

The certificate consists of two basic modules, with a further module you have the opportunity to acquire an advanced certificate.


For detailed information please visit Moodle

The registration is done via the Primuss Portal


++ Please confirm participation before exams start++

Participation in the examinations is only possible if the candidate

  1. does not feel any symptoms that would indicate infection with the corona virus
  2. has not tested positive for coronavirus within the previous 14 days
  3. has had no contact with a person infected with the coronavirus within the previous 14 days; and
  4. is not under an officially ordered quarantine.

All students must confirm their knowledge of and compliance with these regulations via PRIMUSS before taking the examinations.