Going abroad: study semester

International experience will increase your chances on the labour market, not just due to language skills acquired but in particular as a result of the additional soft skills you will gain - key qualifications such as tolerance, flexibility and intercultural competence. For many students, a stay abroad during a degree course is a crucial step towards greater independence.

Get a sense of what it is like to be in a new setting, far away from your familiar study and living environment.

Make the most of the opportunities THI provides you to spent parts of your degree course in a foreign country. THI continuously expands its offer by fostering relations to universities, companies, institutions and organisations abroad.

The International Office will be glad to support you in preparing for your stay abroad. It is very important to plan your journey thoroughly - and be sure to take the initiative and be fully committed when doing so.

On the following pages you will find all the practical and helpful information you need - a full step-by-step planning guide to your stay abroad.


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