Academic and Technical Facilities

The faculty operates the following laboratories and technical facilities. For descriptions, please turn to the German language version. We will expand our translation process to these pages asap:

Lab for Aviation Turbiunes
Lab for Aviation Mechanics
Lab for Bioenergy Technology
Lab for Building Energy Technology
Labs for CAD /CAE
Lab for Combustion Engine and Automotive Technology
Lab for Drive Train Technology / Tribology
Lab for FEM and Simulation Technology
Lab for Fluid Mechanics, Energy Technology and Environmental Engineering
Lab for "I2CM" / PC-Pools
Lab for Machine Dynamics/Operational Stability
Lab for Manufacturing Technologies
Lab for Materials Science and Analytics
Lab for Mechatronics
Lab for Measurement Technology
Lab for Production and Logistics
Lab for Production now and Product Development
Lab for Plastics and Surface Technology
Lab for Physics/MechatronicsLab for Materials Engineering
Lab for Renewable Energies
Lab for Vehicle Body and Light Weight Design
Lab for Urban Mobility
Lab for Virtual Reality and Chassis Simulation
Lab for Welding and Cutting Technology