Become a mentor to one or more refugees from our Integration Campus. Benefit from the intercultural exchange and the new encounters and make a contribution to integration!

All you need to know at a glance

  • Supporting the refugees on arrival and acclimatisation in Germany
  • Supporting the refugees in achieving a good German language level

Students, working persons or pensioners - anyone who enjoys interacting with people and has an interest in other cultures can become a mentor. Contact us! By email or telephone
+49 841 9348-1511.

As a volunteer mentor, you will regularly meet with your mentee alone or together with other mentors to exchange ideas and to support integration in Germany. How shared time is organised:

  • Joint activities such as cinema, enjoying a coffee, cooking etc. promote the understanding of the German culture and the language.
  • You can assist with visits to the authorities or correspondence, the exchange of letters and communication problems as circumstances require.
  • Be a language godparent to your mentee – German is best learned through everyday speech!
  • Support your mentee to successfully integrate in Germany and provide assistance, e.g. by applying for internships.