Starting from 15.11.2021: Apply for the new Master's Programme "Global Foresight and Technology Management"!

A few days ago, the new English-language Master's programme "Global Foresight and Technology Management" started at THI for the first time. It is offered in winter and summer semesters. The next application period starts on Nov. 15:

We talked to the newly appointed professors Alexander Schönmann (pictured right) and Jan Oliver Schwarz (pictured left) about this and the Bavarian Foresight Institute, which is being established at the university:

What are your plans?
J. O. Schwarz: We want to build an institute that will become a go-to place in Europe for foresight and have relevance for the region.
A. Schönmann: We want to teach the younger generation the skills of foresight planning and assessment.

What are you particularly looking forward to?
J. O. S.: To working with various partners from the region and beyond.
A. S.: To joint practical and research projects with students, municipalities and entrepreneurs.

What does foresight have to do with crystal ball reading, or what does it not have to do with?
J. O. S.; The future is and will remain uncertain, but we can learn to deal with this uncertainty better.
A. S.: Merely recognizing and dealing with trends does not go far enough. The crucial thing is to implement a trend in business practice. To do this, we can use technology management tools and methods, such as those taught in our "Global Foresight and Technology Management" course.

Quotes on the topic?
J. O. S.: "The future is already here - it's just not evenly distributed." (Source William Gibson, Science Fiction author)
A. S.: "Around 1900, electric vehicles were popular as an ideal mode of transportation in the urban environment. Around one third of the vehicles in the USA were electrically powered." (Source: Futurium Berlin)
Who would have thought it?