Model-Based Systems Engineering

Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is an implementation of Systems Engineering with the potential of unrivalled efficacy and efficiency. MBSE promises precise communication between engineering disciplines over the the whole system life cycle. It offers control over systems complexity, design consistency, and information traceability across all levels of the system architecture.

Main topics:

  • Promoting of the use and application of MBSE in education, industry, management, and government institutions.
  • Passion for pioneering new and pragmatic techniques for real world MBSE challenges
  • Cutting-Edge research into the integration of Digital Twins into product lifecycle management
  • Expertise in modelling/architecting complex systems (e.g. IoT) and products for complex operational scenarios (hi-tech devices for low-resource communities)
  • Profound knowledge of model-based/ model-driven development methodologies
  • Systems Theory and Design Thinking
  • Development of a framework for evaluating MBSE methodologies
  • Tool development for agile R&D and information management


Prof. Dr. Marco Di Maio
Engineering Informatics and Systems Engineering