New this year at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology: Prof. Dr. Stefanie Schmidtner, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Richard Membarth and Prof. Dr. Lenz Belzner

[Translate to English:] Drei Professoren vor dem Roll-Up auf dem Hochschulcampus

[Translate to English:] Prof. Dr. Lenz Belzner (links), Prof. Dr. Stefanie Schmidtner (Mitte) und Prof. Dr.-Ing. Richard Membarth (rechts). Foto: THI

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology has expanded to include three experts in the core area of artificial intelligence. The team is researching safe, connected and sustainable mobility of the future, based on data and artificial intelligence.

We welcome to our faculty Prof. Dr. Stefanie Schmidtner, Research Professor for Sustainable Urban Development and Artificial Intelligence. She teaches and researches on the topic of Data Science and AI in intelligent and sustainable mobility systems. Before her appointment at THI, she was a data scientist and project manager in the electrical/electronic pre-development department of Audi AG and Cariad SE, respectively, where she worked on innovations in the field of machine learning and smart mobility/smart city. Her professorship is financed by foundation funds from the city of Ingolstadt.

We would also like to welcome Prof. Dr.-Ing. Richard Membarth, holder of the research professorship for Systems on Chip and AI in Edge Computing. In research and teaching, he deals with parallel computer architectures and programming models with a focus on automatic code generation for embedded systems up to AI accelerators. Prof. Membarth was most recently a senior researcher and team leader for compiler technologies and high-performance computing at the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in Saarbrücken.

A warm welcome also to Prof. Dr. Lenz Belzner, holder of a research professorship for software methodology for autonomous mobility systems. He researches and teaches on autonomous decision-making under uncertainty and on development methods of autonomous, data-based systems. Before his appointment at THI, Prof. Belzner was Business Unit Manager for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence at MaibornWolff.