Jeremy Fell, research intern from Canada

Jeremias Gerner (left) and our new intern Jeremy Fell (centre) together with Prof. Dr. Stefanie Schmidtner (right); Photo: THI

A warm welcome to Jeremy Fell from Canada!

Jeremy is doing a 12-week research internship with us as part of the DAAD's RISE programme and is supervised by Prof. Dr. Stefanie Schmidtner and her PhD student Jeremias Gerner. Jeremy is working with us on the optimisation of traffic signal systems through reinforcement learning, a deep learning / AI method. The aim of this research is to use AI-based control to ensure a higher traffic flow and better multimodal control of traffic at traffic signals (traffic lights) and thus more sustainable traffic.

Jeremy's motivation:

“As the global trend of increasing urbanization continues, the role of intelligent transportation systems supported by AI will be increasingly important, to efficiently move people and goods, to decrease traffic congestion, and to reduce carbon emissions.

I am very interested in the field of urban mobility, and how AI can be used impactfully to improve people’s day to day lives; the AIMotion Bavaria institute at THI was therefore a perfect fit for my research interests and goals, and particularly the project on improving traffic light control with reinforcement learning.

As a Canadian student, I am in Germany through the DAAD RISE program, which sponsors research internships in STEM fields. The RISE program provides not only an excellent opportunity for gaining experience in international research, but also to travel and experience new cultures. My interest in participating in international research and in the traffic light project motivated me to come to Ingolstadt this summer.” (Jeremy Fell)

We wish you every success in your new job and a wonderful stay at the THI and Ingolstadt!