goals and idea

The experimental setups deal with the details:

  • Temperature control system
  • Modelling, simulation and control of an electromechanical automotive throttle valve
  • Automation of a Carrera track
  • Automation of a railway line
  • Automation on production plants (Festo)


Laboratory C302

Laboratory equipment and activities

Equipment and function

The equipment includes six workstations where the experiments on temperature control, the throttle valve and simulations can be processed in parallel.

In addition, individual setups are available for the other experiments.


The practical training is offered in parallel to the following lectures:

  • Control and Automation Engineering (course of studies EIT)
  • Control engineering (FFI and EMB courses)
  • Control engineering 1 and 2 (MT course of studies)
  • Control engineering (courses of studies MB and ML, faculty M)

Other activities:

  • Study projects
  • Theses (Bachelor & Master)
  • Industrial Projects
  • Special events: e.g. university information days, Girls Day, Technology Day, school classes

Laboratory management and team

Programme director "Electrical Engineering and Information Technology" (Bachelor)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Gregor
Phone: +49 841 9348-2930
Room: A104
Progamme director and Academic advisor "Electrical Engineering and Electric Mobility" (Bachelor)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Hermann
Phone: +49 841 9348-2850
Room: A114