Visits from grammar schools of the region to our Faculty

Visiting students in Virtual Reality Lab
a pupil riding a bike in a virtual reality

School visits from grammar schools in the region to the faculty

During the last two weeks, pupils from four grammar schools in the city of Ingolstadt and the region used the days before their school holidays to have a look around the THI, to get an impression of what and how we teach and research and whether THI is a suitable place to take up studies in the future. The students from Schyren-Gymnasium Pfaffenhofen, Katharinen-Gymnasium Ingolstadt, Hallertau-Gymnasium Wolnzach and Gymnasium Beilngries were guests at THI and, depending on their individual interests, also visited the Faculty of Computer Science. 

Prof. Bernd Hafenrichter gave a presentation on the field of Life Sciences at the THI, which can be studied at the Faculty of Computer Science through the Computational Life Sciences Bachelors degree programme. 
Laboratory engineer Tomasz Janik led those interested in computer science through an exercise in programming and showed the virtual reality laboratory. 
Research assistant Tamara von Sawitzky explained studies and developments on the safety of cyclists to those interested. Some students were then able to try out how cycling can be made safer in the future with augmented reality glasses on a bike in a virtual environment. 

We look forward to welcoming the pupils as students at THI in the coming years.