Presentation: What do quantum computers have to do with the Nobel Prize in Physics 2022?

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Prof. Ulrich Margull will give a lecture on "Quantum Computers, Quantum Cryptography and the Nobel Prize 2022 in Physics" on 23 November 2022 as part of the "Topics in Computer Science" series of events organised by the GI/ACM Regional Group Ingolstadt.

Today's computers use transistors to perform complex calculations. This technology has been further developed and optimised over the last decades, so that today we have incredible computing power even in simple smartphones.
Quantum computers, however, use a completely new type of technology based on quantum mechanical effects in isolated systems. Due to the different way in which they function, they can solve problems that even the most powerful "normal" computers fail at.
computers fail.
In the lecture, Prof. Dr. Margull will present the novelty of quantum computers and demonstrate the benefits of quantum technologies using the  example of encrypted communication (quantum cryptography). Along the way, the audience will also learn something about this year's Nobel Prize winners in physics, who were honoured for their work in this field.

23.11.2022  5-6.30pm  in room G011, on the campus of the THI, Esplanade 10, Ingolstadt. 

The presentation will be held in German. 
Registration for the lecture is not necessary.