Neuburg offers history and development

In addition to the museums and the municipal theater, Neuburg's cultural life is characterized above all by its diverse association work.
No matter whether sport, fine arts, theater, dance, music, history, church, etc.. There is certainly something for everyone. The Fischergasslerfest with the Fischerstechen on the Danube dates back to 1790 and was revived as a tradition in 1975 after a long break.

Neuburg's calendar of events is always well filled, and the surrounding towns of Schrobenhausen, Donauwörth, Ingolstadt and Eichstätt also have something to offer throughout the year.
Highlights are certainly the two annual Danube swims in winter and summer and the biennial Neuburg Castle Festival.

And there's no shortage of partying in Neuburg: concerts, bar festivals, folk festivals and parties in the pit barn take turns. After each party, you end up in the town's small pubs and bars until the early hours of the morning.

Places for climbing, hiking, biking and sightseeing can be found are there in abundance alomg the river Danube.
The Altmühtal Nature Park also borders directly on the district. Whether canoeing on the Altmühl, cycling tours or hiking - excursion destinations, routes and events can be found on the page of the Altmühltal Nature Park.

Shopping can be done in the city center of Neuburg in small, individual stores, but also large department store chains. If you are on the hunt for bargains, you can also go to Ingolstadt Village.