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Here you will find an overview of our programs, degrees, period of study and admission requirements. For more information, please click on each program.

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ProgramDegreeRegular Period of StudiesRA*Begin of StudiesEO*PPT*
Aerospace EngineeringB.Eng.7 semestersJawinter semesterNeinJa
Applied Computational Mechanics (ACM)M.Eng.4 SemesterJa
Automotive EngineeringB. Eng.7 semestersJawinter semesterNeinJa
Automotive Production EngineeringM. Eng.3 semestersJasummer semesterNein
Bachelor of Engineering and BusinessB.Eng.Ja
Bachelor's Program Aviation and Vehicle ITB.Sc.7 semestersJawinter semesterNeinNein
Bachelor’s Program Computer ScienceB. Sc.7 semestersJawinter semesterNein
Business AdministrationB.A.7 SemestersJaWinter SemesterNeinNein
Business Information SystemsB.Sc.7 SemestersJaWinter SemesterNeinJa
Compliance and Corporate GovernanceMBA4 semestersJa
Computer Science (M)M.Sc.3 semestersJasummer semester (March 15) & winter semester (October 1)Nein
Electrical Engineering and Information TechnologyB.Eng.7 semestersNeinwinter semesterNeinJa
Engineering and BusinessB. Eng.7 semestersJawinter semester / summer semesterNeinJa
Engineering ProcurementM. Eng.3 semesterswinter semester / summer semesterNeinNein
Financial ManagementM.A.3 SemestersJaWS/SSNeinNein
HR and Organizational DevelopmentMBAJa
International Automotive EngineeringM.Eng.3 semestersJawinter semester and summer semesterNein
International Business for IngenieursMBAJa
International ManagementB.A.7 SemestersJaWinter SemesterNeinNein
International Retail ManagementB.A.7 SemestersNeinWSNeinNein
International Retail Management (German taught programme)B.A.7 SemestersNeinWSNeinJa
Marketing, Sales and MediaM.A.3 SemestersJaWS/SSNeinNein
MBA Health ManagementMBA6 semestersJa
Mechanical EngineeringB.Eng.7 semestersJawinter semesterNeinJa
MechatronicsB.Eng.7 semestersJawinter semesterNeinJa
Renewable Energy TechnologiesB. Eng.7 semestersJaWSNeinJa
Security & Safety ManagementMBA
Tax and AccountingM.A.3 SemestersJaWS/SSNeinNein
Technical DevelopmentM. Eng.3 semesterswinter semester / summer semesterNeinNein

PI = pre-study internship, EO = extra-occupational, BS = begin of studies, RA = restricted admission, RS = regular period of study, D = degree

WS = winter semester, SS = summer semester

B.A. = Bachelor of Arts, B. Eng. = Bachelor of Engineering, B. Sc. = Bachelor of Science, M.A. = Master of Arts, MBA = Master of Business Administration, M. Eng. = Master of Engineering, M. Sc. = Master of Science